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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This public art project is more of a site for "Ten on Tuesday" (pick up 10 pieces of trash) than art. 

So the installation on the brown wall in the background is good.  But mardi gras beads in one of the few trees we have in the neighborhood? 


 Items to entangle and harm birds. 

 Plastic drink bottles installed in the tree. Nice.

 Wonder how long this temporary art project will last.

 Wonder who will pick up all this "art" after the winds blow it to bits?

"Gobsmacked: A Near Southside Public Art Initiative" happened at our corner yesterday.

Poor use of leadership, no thought to environmental impact, poor use of the little public art funding FW has. Yeah, I am Gobsmacked... (meet here next Tuesday)  

From their Facebook Event Page  (I know there is a lot to read - skip to the highlighted areas):

adjective: gob-smacked. utterly astonished; astounded.


Members of LeaderKids, a middle school program of Leadership Fort Worth, will create community initiated temporary public arts projects on five "urban canvases" in Near Southside on May 20. TOMORROW.

LeaderKids is composed of two eighth grade students from each of the middle schools in the Fort Worth ISD. They participate in a school-year-old program of training, development and public service.

In partnership with Fort Worth South, Inc., class members, in a three-month, intense, collaborative process of brainstorming, design and planning with professional artists, have developed five concepts that will be installed by LeaderKids from 1-5 p.m.

LOCATIONS ARE a wall at the W.A. Powers Building, 125 S Main St.; an iron fence at JO Design, 440 S Main St.; a chain-link fence at the Texaco Building; a large tree on a vacant parcel at Broadway and Bryan streets; and the stairs on the Historic Supreme Golf Building, 201 S. Calhoun St.


Each year the LeaderKids program embarks on a journey towards leadership development and community engagement by selecting two student representatives from every Fort Worth ISD middle school. These 45 eighth grade students, known as LeaderKids, are given an opportunity to visit civic, corporate, charitable and educational centers of our community. The field trips they take allow LeaderKids to hear presentations from professionals at their workplaces and see firsthand the types of jobs that will be available to them. In addition, LeaderKids receive leadership-skills training. Mentors offer practical guidance to LeaderKids in areas such as time management, teamwork, project planning, public speaking, networking and conflict resolution. The program culminates in a service project where LeaderKids have the opportunity to plan, lead and act on an idea to support their community and shine as future leaders.



Leadership Fort Worth, launched in 1973, is one of the oldest leadership programs in the United States. In addition to the LeaderKids program, LFW produces two adult programs. The signature Leadership Class addresses vital issues impacting Fort Worth by engaging established leaders in discussions and challenging them to make an impact. This nine-month program brings together a diverse group of decision-makers from across the community who want to broaden their perspectives about Fort Worth and use their resources to address identified needs. The Leading Edge program offers emerging leaders in their mid 20s to mid 30s an opportunity to strengthen leadership practices, create connections with community leaders and move beyond volunteerism into board service. The six-month program is targeted to rising stars in their profession, officers and members of young-professionals organizations and alumni associations, and outstanding volunteers who aspire to non-profit board service.


Great leadership.  

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  1. Bizarre is another word for it. A yarn bomb is art, hanging trash in a tree is not. Ummm, it gets windy in FW doesn't it?

    Maybe they don't know about guerrilla gardening or some other activity that would be a fun improvement. I'd wonder if the city approved this because someone is going to have to clean this mess up--fast!