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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Four Visitors We Did Not Expect

Fort Worth is a happening place these days. This weekend we are celebrating our first FW Food & Wine Festival; Fort Works Arts & Music is a mere block away.  ESPN is on their way to set up in our newly renovated Sundance Square and Duck Commander will be here for our big Nascar weekend. UPDATE: The Cheeseheads are coming... (Western Regional Finalists - one of the Final Four)

Then, there are these four seen in the green space next door.  Mr. FW Dirt and I saw some wild turkeys in "town" recently on University under IH 30.  Possibly the same flock or possibly a bit of the country is invading our fair city. Hope these visitors stick around for a while.


  1. That's quite a sight in such an urban area. Guess they are just wild about all the activity in the neighborhood lately.

  2. Busy place you're living in :) We get the occasional visit from Wild Turkeys too but we are not urban so it's not such a sight. Even though they are amusing to watch as they feed and interact. Glad you have green areas already..were are still basically winter brown here.... but it's happening :) Spring weather is sneaking in this week :)