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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Find a Space in Your City to Garden?

This gardener has scored a garden spot in my business neighbor's outdoor area. Doing so, I seem to have become part of the latest trend in urban gardening and I didn't even know it!

I found this article:  Landowners - Would you consider leasing your vacant lot to a farmer? There are benefits to the city lot owner and the urban dweller can get a piece of real soil to garden for little to no cost.

and this site:

Living Lots NOLA currently showing 400 acres of 2800 lots available for gardening opportunities in New Orleans


596 Acres of New York City's public owned vacant land - who seems to have helped Living Lots in their start up.  Join their conference: Turning Vacant Acres Into Community Resources (Day 2, Cities Around the World) to get this started in your burg!

Want more land for farming?  Check out the newly formed The Agrarian Trust.  Their site has farm job/land opportunities - linking farms, farm owners, land trusts giving land access to the next generation farmers.

Time to bundle up and check out the empty lots in your neighborhood. Spring is coming!


  1. You are a trendsetter! I think having vacant lots turned to gardening is a wonderful idea, and long overdue. I would think it would make living in an urban area much more enjoyable.