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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After a Long Winter Nap

After taking over the loft garden, this winter I took over the mezzanine area on the second floor.  Plumeria (the flowers they use to make the beautiful leis in Hawaii) don't look like much more than bent broom handles as they lose their leaves and go dormant.  Being a tropical they can't make it through a Texas winter so I usually have them inside the apartment.  This year I tried to keep the overwintering in the apartment to a minimum and placed the broom handles out in this stairwell area.

Spring was here and gone, now it's Summer! What have I been doing besides pulling bermuda grass that is inching its way from the alley into the loft garden and watering huge trees in the middle of a street?  Forgetting about the plumeria!

Ok, by now you should know I do not always take a great photo.

The plumeria have started blooming. Obviously, without any help from me.  

There is a nice hot morning sun window (and I do water, occasionally) to provide all the plumeria need to provide a great show.  I am hoping my fellow renters like them now.

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