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Friday, March 8, 2013

It's March!

Mayhem is in the past, no cast needed (tune in later at the nom de plume for all the details) and I have 2 days off!  No errands, appointments, vet visits, time off.  Hey, I even have a spiffy new internet connection through - no payments received - just happy to share with the neighbors.

Today, there are signs of life reappearing and a little flower.

Echinacea (I think this one is 'Mac & Cheese')

New neighbor is moving in with loads of outdoor furniture so this is the motivation to get Spring tasks under way.

This will be moved as this is supposed to be the "dry creek" bed.  
It could rain, someday.

I'm back and I will have photos and progress to share.


  1. You have my curiosity, I'll have to find out the scoop.

    Look at all that cool stuff in the loft garden! It might actually rain somewhere soon so I hear.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the invite on the seed bombing event. The granddaughters will be here next weekend so we will be making our seed bombs then :0)