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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sound of Fort Worth

Remember when the local am station played all the music.  Boy, have I dated myself. Some folks don't even know what AM or a radio station is.  Anyways.  Our neighborhood (renters) association met last night and the best thing ever was announced. We have the beginnings of our own FW Southside radio station. Southside Pirate Radio: (click the photo to go there!)

Listen right now:  Select live stream  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

There is a treasure "Booty" box located in Brewed (the local gastropub) where artists can drop off their music cds for playing on the new 100 % local music station.  Ultimately hoping to go on the air waves soon this little streaming station has gone viral in its own way reaching folks in several states via the internet.  Read all about it here.

So when you want some music playing in the background give it a listen.  (Its playing right now for me while I am doing this post.) Hey, someday you might be visiting Fort Worth for the local music scene instead of that city south of us.

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  1. Hi Cindy, oh this is cool! I can't listen to the station due to my strict antivirus nonsense installed on this computer, though. Yes, I remember AM radios very well, but then I'm an older gal so of course, I should. Things have really changed. This is a great idea!