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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Little Confusion

"Mandarin Wind" Hibiscus - It does blend in well with the mural, don't you think?

My  hibiscus has made it through a couple summers now.  This winter I have a "new to me" greenhouse and am not certain how warm it will actually be.  For the last few weeks this hibiscus and a few of the most heat loving tropical plants have been living on the "mezzanine" area of my building.  So while it has been every range from 28 to 80+ degrees outside this last week, the Mandarin Wind has been basking in the dim and drafty hallway.

Now it is blooming.

I know I have been confused by these temperatures for December in Texas.  The hibiscus shares my confusion.


  1. Love the color and the mural. We broke the record high of 81F yesterday and will be 55 degrees colder tomorrow.

    The greenhouse should help although you are quite a bit colder in FW than San Antonio.

  2. The weather here is confused too. It's December and we've been out on the motorcycle .... planted bulbs and gotten a mild sunburn working in the yard ??? This morning it was 58 out and now it's 35 and snowing....our first snow :0)

  3. We became unconfused this morning TG! Although we don't have the snow yet and might not get as much, but the wind is blowing. Hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful holiday! xxoo LVL