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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Foraging in the City?

Watched an episode of B-Orgaanic on television the other day about foraging.  Easy to do in the rural landscape of Iowa (where the program is filmed) but green things are pretty scarce here in the downtown warehouse area.  There are some cat-tails growing here in the city, but I am a bit scared of the "water" the cat-tails are growing in to actually want to eat one.

Then I saw this today.... 

and this

from this pecan tree - which I walk by several times every day!

I had discovered the mulberry tree across the street last April.

Other than the obvious things like not picking items growing in questionable run-off and being careful not to touch any poison ivy while harvesting, perhaps I should investigate the green parts of my neighborhood a little more closely.

So, tell me, do you forage in your neck of the woods?


  1. I like that show, really enjoy her ideas. Rural Iowa is a lot different than living in the city, San Antonio in my case. We have some dewberries if I can get to them before the birds and prickly pear but it's a lot of work. Really we are walking distance to four grocery stores including Sprouts which has a great selection of organic foods so that's where I "forage"!

  2. Living in rural Missouri is great for foraging.