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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Country Drive

Last weekend,  we took a different route to the mega store from Sweden to see a different bit of countryside.  

Because I stop at hysterical (aka historical) markers and take photos. 

 Learn a little bit of the local history...

 Enjoy a view of water in a river

Find native grapes growing along the railing....
(Pick some and put into a cup in the truck - will research starting grapes and report back)

Have you taken a different route lately?


  1. Beautiful! I love old bridges and country roads. We recently went to Kerrville by way of Medina along S.H. 16 instead of I-10.

  2. I love old bridges and hysterical markers. The cluster of grapes are gorgeous, around here our wild grapes are teensy and very, very SOUR. Nothing beats a back roads drive for me.

  3. As always love your take on life, TG! I'm going to be spending most of my weekend at a Panera working on new posts. New Jersey where I usually go is without power.:( So probably won't be sharing many new photos. Thanks for sharing yours with us. xxoo Nancy