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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Next Garden Tour

@HistoricFW has the garden tour of the weekend.  Hidden Gardens of Fort Worth.  It is my ultimate goal to one day have the loft gardens included on this tour. 

Currently, I am dreaming of this dry creek I saw on the Colleyville Promenade earlier this month.  I have the  first layer of my dry creek almost completed and then I must locate some beautiful rock to achieve this look.  Well, some rock and some great plants...

Besides the usual distractions of the day job, housework, etc., photographing the butterflies in the garden has kept me from finishing some of my garden design goals.  The passionflower on the east side of the building does not stand a chance of returning from it's winter slumber as all the gulf fritillary larva have eaten almost all the emerging passionflower in sight.

Do you know how hard it is to photograph the Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis)?  Finally got this photo as I provided him shelter from the wind.  Another distraction...

After the heat of 2011 summer, I have discovered the Eryngium survived and has rewarded the loft garden with a bloom!  So little it takes to please this girl.

There are some accomplishments to report.  I do have one bed completed.  I have added some new plants and a fresh topping of cedar mulch just before the last bit of rain.  I am still a few solid work days in the garden away from more Kodak moments.  Most importantly, I want to get these projects done before the real heat sets in.  In the mean time, a girl will dream.


  1. Everything is looking good!! Hopefully one of the passion flowers will survive! I'm so far behind already I;'ll never catch up!

  2. Each time I see it the garden looks lovelier. I love dry creek beds. Even I managed one.

  3. I'm drooling over that dry creek bed. I'd love to have one of those too. Great job with your new bed, everything looks so wonderfully laid out and taken care of. I'm afraid my beds have a rather neglected look once again.