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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hidden Gardens (Updated with Photos!!!)

Off to the Hidden Gardens Tour of Fort Worth.  Read more about the tour at 360 West's online magazine  (click "Outside Interests" on the cover).

Back from the tour and I got some photos.  Yes, I did ask permission. 

 I am always wishing for shade for the loft garden but now I would like some elevations.

 So many lovely vistas in these gardens today.

 Beautiful old trees.  This one has a large chandelier with accompanying colorful baskets.

 Perhaps an idea to use for the narrow north side of the loft garden.

Another idea to share: grow those hydrangeas in a pot. Beautiful.

Got some great ideas and got home before the heat set in.  I think summer has arrived here in Fort Worth.


  1. Looks like an amazing tour! If only money and energy were not an issue :0)

  2. wow, the visual of looking down those tiered gardens and pools is amazing. What a sensational garden.

  3. We had talked about going on the tour this year, but ended up missing it. It looks like it was great! The tiered gardens look amazing and I'm sure they were even better in person.