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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cleaner Brighter Parks and Free WiFi

Or how about a free Frappuccino?  It seems cities are getting very creative in an effort to keep their parks clean.

A dog park in Cambridge, Mass., is being lit up by the excrement of the dogs who visit. Dogwalkers are encouraged to deposit their pets' waste at a methane digester called the Park Spark, which then turns into a burnable gas that powers a lamppost. The team behind the project hopes the park will be busy enough to power other objects, like popcorn stands (really?) or projectors for community events. (source)  (Hey, they have a Facebook page:  The Park Spark Project

 Need a better reason to pick up after Fido?

Mexican Internet provider Terra has teamed up with ad agency DDB to offer free Wi-Fi in public parks to dog owners who clean up after their pets.  Owners who deposit poop in the special bins in 10 parks in Mexico City will be rewarded with free Wi-Fi, broadcast through routers shaped like doggy bones.  But the "Poo Wifi" campaign apparently will have staffers present at the bins during the daytime to make sure poop goes in. (source)

I don't speak Spanish but I love the video...  Terra Poo WiFi

Better yet, exchange that poo for a Frappuccino at Starbucks?

I wonder if I can get our local cupcake place to participate?

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  1. What a great idea, in fact I wonder if there is someway I could use this to my benefit at work.

    All kidding aside, people should always always clean up after their pets. Great job at being proactive.