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Monday, April 30, 2012

Helpers in the Loft Garden

 Jacks in the garden

Had a couple work days in the garden last week and had some excellent helpers.

Last Monday my neighbor "K" helped pull weeds in the big garden area by the parking lot.  She actually wanted to pull weeds. I love that!  The weather was nice and we enjoyed getting to know each other.  The bed looked amazing when "K" was done.  She deserves all the credit.

Then Thursday was "planting day".  My husband took a vacation day to help with the big stuff - I think he misses working in a yard. "K" and one couple in my building was with us in spirit as they had to work that day.  Neighbor from down the hall came for some planting time before she went to work and brought her dog, Jacks.

I had set out all the plants the night before so I would not slow my helpers with my indecision on plant placement.  Buckets of compost, gloves and tools were ready and we were planting early to beat the sun.  I had the dogs on the usual tether that I move around the garden so they can be near but not too near.

Planting and the smell of compost in the air... Jacks was not happy.  He was close to where I was planting so I put a handful of the compost to his nose and he reacted as if it were the best perfume he had ever smelled.  I loosened the tether so he could be closer to where I was trying to dig. Soon he was digging in the rocky debris and making better progress than I was with my garden trowel.   Three holes later, Jacks had helped me get through an especially tough bit of planting area.  My dogs?  Just watching. Not paying attention, really.  There is no hope they will pick up this trait for assisting me while I am planting in the garden.

Got planting done in the east garden and by that time Jacks had to leave as my neighbor was off to work.

Great couple of work days in the garden have made a big difference.  Thanks to my neighbors for all their great help. 

Photos to come...


  1. What a cutie, TG and just what he is happiest doing! Bet it looks great! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Too cute, this is the only time I have ever heard anything positive about a dog who digs. Maybe I should hire him for a little spring planting myself.

  3. Oh, I NEED Jacks in my garden! He could dig holes for me all day long. A dog that digs where he's told, what a wonderful thing. And wonderful also that you've got some more folks interested in making the garden happen--someone who likes to pull weeds, awesome.

  4. In the back of my mind I was hoping for truffles. Alas, it will be awhile before we get anything gourmet from this soil.

    I will let Jacks know he is in demand. He is a cutie!

  5. Jack is a cutie!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the new gardens. We're doing a major overhaul f the front of the house this year...kinda scary.