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Monday, March 19, 2012

Berry Boat Has Landed

In my previous life, this homemade vessel became known as the "berry boat" filled with 2 varieties of strawberries and a couple of blueberries. Covered with pine straw and bird netting, it lived in our shady back yard.

May 8th it made the trip to the loft garden and my landlord loved it.

July 30th, we are all baking in the sun. The berry boat had been dry docked in my staging area while I tried to figure out if I would ever find any shade around this building. The plants are under umbrellas and sitting in swimming pools as we were going off for summer vacation.

Saturday, I was off from my part-time seasonal temporary job (which is going on year 2 now). Get all my pieces I have scavenged from the job and make the commitment. My husband helps me get the boat in just the right place. View from all angles. This is the spot.

Bermuda is abundant from the alley way and I have 2 layers of plastic under this landscape cloth. My berry boat is not sea-worthy so I have lined the bottom and sides with burlap and filled in with more oak leaves.

Need some landscape pins, gravel and a little edging, soil, amendments, berries and a shade structure. Almost done?

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  1. Thank God the landlord loves you, TG or you would be in big trouble! Exciting to see new elements going in.