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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Connections Lead Me to Roses Again

Years ago, under a different nom de plume, I started following Lemon Verbena Lady's Herb Garden who is located in Pennsylvania.  As her name would suggest, LVL is into herbs.  Her blog has given me a perspective on herbs as they are grown in a different climate and she has broaden my horizons for many herbs and their uses. Lemon Verbena Lady also writes In the Herb Garden blog for The Herb Companion's online magazine.  Wanting more I subscribed to the free online version of the Herb Companion and I now receive a weekly edition of articles covering all things herbal.

This week's edition reminds me that roses are the herb of 2012.

The many wonderful herbal properties of the rose and many recipes to try:

One more recipe for you to try:  Make Rose Hip Tea also from The Herbal Companion blogger group.

Not into roses (yet)?  Read Cindy Meredith's blogs covering Growing Herbs in Texas.

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  1. I love roses!!! This year I hope to start a small Rose garden in my side yard.