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Monday, February 27, 2012

Clean Streets

I live in the no-man's land between downtown and the 'burbs.  The place where things are changing, being re-purposed into new trendy places.  However, this is not the whole area just spots within the area.

The object of my latest neighborhood cleaning obsession is this little strip along the street where my loft neighbors park.   My landlord told me not to give away my time.   Hey, who is going to clean it up?  You may notice there is someone already working... I am taking photos...

The pups are hanging out in the lot across the street. Possibly the next clean-up obsession.

A chainsaw, lawn mower, rake, trash bags filled and a truck....

Now there is parking for 4 more vehicles.  


  1. Great job!!! I have some places on my lot that need some major clean up .... are you available :0) I do commend you for taking on the responsibility ... most people live my the rule..."it's not my job!" SO proud of you for being the exception to the rule!!!

    PS Your word verification is on again :0(

  2. wow, what an awesome job you've done. I'm sure your neighbours will appreciate the extra parking but make sure to tell them who did it so your good work doesn't go unrecognized. A little gloating is called for here I think.