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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charged Life

The best of both worlds: guerrilla gardening with a fuel efficient vehicle.

The Charged Life project is about culturally relevant people and businesses from interesting fields, such as art, music, technology, film and product design. Each Charged Life subject is provided with a Prius Plug-in for the duration of their short documentary, which showcases the amazing, innovative things they do.

This video focusing on LA Guerrilla Gardening chronicles the work of Mr. Stamen and Roly Poly, who practice urban beautification with guerrilla tactics.


  1. Love it!!!! My granddaughters and I are making seed bombs to launch into neglected areas and along the service road near my home. We are using seeds from flowers that reseed themselves every year. Can't wait till spring and we start launching them :0)

  2. Hi, TG. Please come by and enter my giveaway. Don't want to miss it!

  3. nice project, and nice they get the appreciation for their efforts.