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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Neighbor's Garden - Tina A

This posting has taken me a bit of time. Where do I start? My landlord, Eddie (who is my best press manager), returns to the loft garden with news of a gardener at one of his other properties. We all finally meet up during Arts Goggle and make plans to see the garden project.

When I say "Where do I start?" I mean exactly that. Tina A has quite the garden in full swing. So many great projects each could have a posting in their own right. So I will try to lump them all together and show you the creativity of this first time gardener. (Plus she is an English teacher and I want to make certain this is only blog posting that appears with red marks all over it...)

This box is located in the parking area and was mostly a compost project left by a previous resident. Tina moved the "compost" down to one end, filled it with soil (with some of the compost mixed in) and covered it with window screen.

Lovely fresh herbs are growing in here now. Although there are some nice size trees on this property, the screen provides shade to keep the herb leaves tender and can be lifted for easy harvesting.

Why a window screen? Cost. Tina looked at other options and found a recycled window screen in budget.

More recycling in action as Tina has used livestock feed containers as self-watering gardens. Seems dad has a few of these around the ranch so she will have a steady supply to keep this garden expanding.

No bees in this box but composting worms munching down the latest addition of veggie tamales. As the beekeeper's daughter, Tina has some access to these old bee boxes and uses them for camouflage as well as insulation for heat and cool weather.

The string in this photo identifies the neighbor's property line. Interesting logistics. This bed is inside the rental property where Tina lives but the actual property owner does not have easy access.

With the lack of tending this bed was an eye-sore but Tina saw the potential for farming. The neighbor has allowed Tina to garden in the bed as long as their cannas were not removed. Tina learned the area had no drainage as she dug in for the overhaul and created her own french drain along the front with branches wrapped in newspaper. Tina plans to divy up this bed for other tenants to use.

Tina's apartment neighbors seem to be of the gardening spirit as there are little green growing vignettes all around the building.

The next project? This bed along the driveway is full of yummy rosemary as well as some weeds but Tina has plans for clean-up and perhaps a bit of yard art. Wonder if there will be a flamingo sighting? We will check in again real soon to see.


  1. It's amazing how a gardener can become so creative when it comes to making a place to garden in a non-traditional setting.

  2. Cindy, I'm so impressed (and a little ashamed, considering how much I have in contrast) by how inventive people can be when faced with so little area to work with and how much they can grow. Very inspirational and how wonderful to see greenery on blacktop. Fantastic!