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Monday, June 20, 2011

Recruits Needed

Volunteers needed for loft garden renovation projects. Must love extreme weather conditions.

It seems the reading on my outdoor thermometer is stuck in the 100's.

Must love the passionflower (they are Eddie's favorite),

as it eats up more and more of the landscape.

Plenty of weeding opportunities for all.
(Bermuda grass from the alley)

Elm tree seedlings.

Native morning glories.

Must know their plants/weeds. (Weed)

Liatris (this one is not in our garden*)

Our liatris.
Didn't make it past the last weeding volunteer.

Oh, and johnson grass.

There are rewarding moments.
Discovering the first Evergreen Wisteria (Millettia reticulata)
bloom of the season...

Beautiful sunrises

Stunning sunsets.

Anybody interested?


  1. I would love to come and work in your garden! I love love the passion vine.. mine is so far behind yours ...only about 20 inches of vine and no blooms at all yet. It will take off soon though now that the heat is here too.

  2. I would flunk your test Cindy. I pulled out a coconut scented geranium last week. Fortunately it has survived my torture. The Herbal Husband asked don't you smell it first before you pull it? No, I pull first and smell later! Hope you get some help!