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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DNA Testing?

I am so glad our neighbors have taken responsibility for their puppies. However, there are places that are taking extreme measures for corrective action.

"The Timberwood Commons in Lebanon, New Hampshire, opened this year and already has had problems with some residents who aren't cleaning up messes their dogs leave.

So manager Debbie Violette is going to use commercially available DNA sampling kits to check the DNA that dogs leave behind when they go.

"We've tried doing the warning letters. We've tried all sorts of things," she said. "It's always a problem. It's just that the majority of people are responsible pet owners and there are a few who are not."

Source: Yahoo News


  1. Lebanon NH is a town of 13,151 people. Timberwood Commons is an apartment complex....

    I love the dog park but in the four years I have visited it is dirtier and dirtier .....

    The sad part is it could come to having to get a permit to enter the park and exclude non residents....

  2. Oh my goodness. That is sad to hear.