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Monday, May 9, 2011

Eddie and His Passion Flowers

The flower is on the plant marked with the purple and white star. The red star is the original planting of the passionflower last year. See all the red circles? Those are all the new passionflowers that have come up this year. Oh, and there will be more. We better have lots of butterflies to munch these vines down.

I had a helper earlier today. Actually, Eddie and Cel were both here to offer me assistance. Eddie mowed the bermuda grass (creeping in from the alley way) and Cel made some stakes. I finished one of the many twine trellis creations I have to make to get these vines off the ground. Folks will actually be able to see the flowers.

Stood back to admire my work, looked around and noticed my helpers were gone. Must be off saving another damsel in distress.


  1. I love passion flowers. When I was a kid we called them May Pops.

  2. I love the Passion flower vines. They do have a tendency to spread everywhere though. I'm constantly yanking them out of unwanted spots. Mine haven't come up yet...they don't usually show up until late May or early June here.

  3. What butterflies are you anticipating will visit? Passionflowers are host to several different Longwings and Fritillaries but not all have the same range.

    Maypops are blooming here in the wild but I haven't seen a single Gulf Frit. Early for them, I guess.

  4. :(. Lucky you. I can kill a passion flower quicker than any other plant. Oh, may be a pin cushion flower, but I actually have one coming back this year! Have fun with your May pops!