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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Imagine a Pizza Oven...

The possibilities are endless. In the evenings, I love meeting my neighbors outside and discussing different ideas of the things that could be done around the building.

Since the patch of bermuda on the East side (from the alley) is now looking pretty and green, neighbors like the green grass idea and have suggested it remain. This area will be cooler later in the day and would be a great place for a picnic table. (Perhaps we could have a picnic table building party?)

Speaking with one of my neighbors this evening, I mentioned the random pieces of furniture under stair wells, in the corner of the parking lot, etc. that could be re-purposed for creating a cooking/prep area for cooking out (next to the picnic table). The cooking/prep area was my neighbor's idea from an other earlier conversation.

So my neighbor says, "I would love a pizza oven."

"We could have a pizza oven. You know anybody who does brick work?"

"We could have a pizza oven!" he says. I can tell my neighbor is designing it in his head.

So, the investigation begins. Whether this is just a bit of random wishing on our parts or the beginnings of a real pizza oven, it is fun imagining the possibilities when working with a garden that is a blank slate.

Cheap outdoor pizza oven - the environmental friendly route, from sustainablog (photo above).

The instructions from HGTV.

Free traditional Italian brick pizza oven instructions from Forno Bravo - also a good source for pizza peels, pizza tools, pizza stones, etc. A page full of ideas in their Photo Contest page.

Great information on how to use a pizza oven at

This hookey little video if you would like to turn your kitchen oven into a pizza oven:

And... "How to Convert a Grill into a Pizza Oven" - very interesting.

O.K. Now the fine print. Your outdoor pizza oven will need to be built away from buildings, fences, utility easements, etc. Check to make certain you follow all city codes and permitting processes.

Send photos if you have an outdoor pizza oven in your backyard!


  1. Spoke with my brick rep this morning,...they will be able to get me some discontinued brick and builder cut stone. I think the cob oven from the stunainblog would work great. I've worked with cob before, and have had great success!

  2. Learning more about this oven building process as I go... does one need special heat type brick for the interior of the oven? Does your supplier have some of it?

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