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Monday, April 18, 2011

Briquettes and the Urban Garden

It has been windy lately. Really windy.

Charcoal briquettes, not my first favorite ingredient for adding into the urban garden. It made me wonder, "What exactly is in a 'charcoal briquette'?"

Some claim that Kingsford briquettes have an unpleasant odor, especially when they are first lit, and many wonder if they contain any petroleum products. After an investigation, it has been determined that neither Kingsford Brand nor any other known commercial charcoal briquettes contain any petroleum products.
Kingsford ingredients
  • wood char
  • mineral char
  • mineral carbon
  • limestone
  • starch
  • borax
  • sodium nitrate
  • sawdust
Per the MSDS, Kingsford lighter fluid is 100% alaphatic petroleum solvent. Again, not my first choice for an addition to the urban garden.

Sigh. The urban garden, always a work in progress.


  1. That is so very very wrong. Everyone needs to share the space. First, don't go dumping briquettes in weather that could lead to fire. Second don't go dumping your trash in everyone else's green space. Third, someones needs a slappin'

  2. We are so "not ready" for chickens.

  3. I think I missed something, as usual!

  4. Me thinks I'm lost too...but that's nothing unusual :)

  5. Oh, now I get it! Thanks for the update, TG, but it's not good news!

  6. The Kingsford briquettes belong to me. I did not dump them out, but rather left the grill in the grilling area to burn out. I will investigate the mater and bring a swift resolution to the the issue.

  7. Wow! It's too bad we aren't ready for a pizza oven.

  8. Brad and Danielle, Sorry for my warped sense of humor.