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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Real, implied, and/or imaginary. Every possible meaning of this word relates to a renter and their neighbors.

There is the actual physical space of your rental. Those four walls. The front door. Renters decorate the walls with colorful paints, maybe hang a wreath on the front door. Wall colors for personalizing the private space, an ornament on the front door to show a little personality.

Outdoor space. Shared space. Public space and privacy issues. Outdoor activities, renters meet and greet, private parties in public areas. Every area for everyone's use? Does one renter perceive a private space is actually public or vice versa?

Feeling a little philosophical on the whole "boundary" issue after a couple different discussions with fellow renters. Does our building "need" to have an area considered "public" or "private"? Do we as renters allow our neighbors their "space"? Or, are we stepping into areas a little too close for their comfort? As the renter cares for their apartment, could they, should they care about outdoor spaces? Are our boundaries the same?

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