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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not a Pretty Sight

Planted some roses in the ground. I have carried them around and tortured them in containers for months (A - on the overhead map). They will love their new home. Artichokes and onions in the ring for now. A few 'Bright Lights' swiss chard planted to the left of the ring will give some bright color soon. Everything is a little small, hard to see now but will be up and visible in no time. I need a little more mulch to finish this bed - probably Thursday.

I have cut the oleanders down to the ground to let the new growth take over.

The bed looks a little barren for now.

A 'Mutabilis' rose has been planted in the corner outside the front fence (mb area). Had to add lots of good soil and topped it all off with some great cedar mulch.

This is the next area in my sights (B). Going to do a granite gravel topping on the bed and plant some heat loving plants here.

The greenhouse is gone. Finally. Lots of bermuda grass to be removed in (C) . Going to work on this area after the flamingo bed (B). I want to do a clear plastic mulch over the area and steam the Bermuda out but will need the temperature to get a little warmer. It was 38-41 degrees in Fort Worth this morning. Will Winter ever end?

These are the only plants left from the greenhouse on the left. I have piles of containers now that all the dead plants have been pitched. Must go shopping!

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  1. Suzy Levine VanstonMarch 24, 2011 at 11:33 PM

    Big (green) thumbs up Cindy!!
    Best it's ever looked! Thanks for making miller lofts so beautiful!
    We have 5 more bldgs...!!!!