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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Day's Worth of Work

Got 4 yards of soil delivered this morning and used the leftover cedar mulch from the last bed improvement project for the area along the east side of the building. Areas "C" and "D" on the satellite map in the right hand column -->

BEFORE - Area "D" looking North toward "C"

Can't really see the berm created due to the late afternoon sunshine. This berm is the beginning of a bit of erosion control in case it ever rains again.

BEFORE - Area "C"

AFTER - I have not leveled these pavers - so they are a little wonky yet.

Shawn (my husband) was out before he went to work and mowed and weed-eated the nice crop of bermuda growing in from the alley. This area looks pretty nice now that it is all cleaned up. Perhaps if tenants are not interested in gardening this could be a nice grassy lawn. Any comments?

BEFORE - Area "C" - Looking South

AFTER - Same wonky pavers from a different direction.

Eddie spread most of the soil (Cel helped, too) and the cedar mulch. Soil is a little deeper closer to the building if anyone would like to venture some cooler gardening crops. I will get some pea gravel and clean up the area around the water hose. Until then this is a bit of a muddy pit.

Next project will be to fill this section with gravel to create a river - all part of the erosion control.


  1. Looks like lots of good work going on there :)

  2. Hey Looking GREAT!! That side area really needed it! Have ya'll thought about planting hops?

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Carol and Anonymous. Had not thought of hops, but willing to try if I have a resource for them.

  4. You are really up to a lot there. re you getting any help? I know I would be wanting some.

  5. They grow really great in TX... straight up~ and are really beautiful and fragrant. I grew some at my previous place, and they come back every year. I will be growing some in Pine Barrels this year using the nice vertical space we have in 207 that gives just enough height and southern exposure to accommodate them. Janna got the rhizomes for my birthday... has a great selection, and its just the right time of year to plant them... with Rahr right around the corner, i think it would be a nice nod to the 'hood.

  6. straight up meaning not the slang, but... like they grow straight up, they need like 18 ft of vertical climb--- a thin rope is generally enough for them to hold on to...

  7. Well, neighbor! I have been investigating vertical gardening but sounds like you have the ultimate experience. I can hardly wait to see those green windows next door. I just have a lame tomato crop growing in mine. If you squint, you can see my first plant in the window is full of blooms.

  8. Anonymous Neighbor, you will probably have to squint really hard to see those tomatoes if you are on the road again. You have confirmed what little I know of hops being the height requirement. The surrounding fence is not tall enough... unless Eddie lets me string something up on the outside of the building...

  9. well, they will still grow, even if they run out of room... they just end up bushing out and running down the top of the fence. Frustrating the vertical run only affects the yield. If you were growing them strictly as a crop, then you'd want the vertical run~ but as a decorative element, they'll work fine on a fence. This pic is from my fave brewery, and you can see how the plants spread out after several generations of not having the 20 ft run... I think they end up looking really neat!

  10. Is the plan to allot each tenant a plot of the garden to plant and enjoy? I think that is an excellent idea to get neighbors involved as a community while improving the landscaping and environment.

    Already you have made some great strides! All your hard work really shows.