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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where to Go for Garden Info in FW?

As the new kid in town, I having to search (like a needle in a haystack) to find garden type events upcoming in the area. Nothing much really shows up in the Sunday newspapers lately as it has been all Super Bowl. Besides, I hate buying a newspaper when I do not really "read" it. It seems a waste.

On my horizon for the weekend is the opening of "Gnomeo & Juliet." I searched the internet for movie theaters in the area. Found a site called for all things in the area: restaurants, movies, music, etc. Located a theater close by and learned the movie times for the weekend. Excellent.
Now, the search for all things "garden". Quite a few things appeared. A Rose Garden Tour at Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park (Dallas) is on Saturday. Arlington will have a Texas Garden Show the 25th through the 27th (hope it is not one of those deck and hot tub shows). Hidden Gardens of Fort Worth tour in May. This site may be very promising.

Looks like I will have a few things to place on the calendar after all. I now have a list "On My Radar" on the right side of the blog.

BTW - no money exchanged hands for this posting. However, I can send you my address...


  1. yes! I am going to see Romeo and Juliet this weekend also. Perhaps you can guest blog over at my place and write a review.

  2. You're going to be busy, Cindy! It's all good!