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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seeding A Plan

We have had some very pretty days lately and I have taken the opportunity to do some random seeding with some of my stock pile from last year. Some seeds may not sprout as it may now be too warm and some seeds just may not have a good enough germination rate for this type of sowing. I have covered most of the property in my random seeding. Basically, if the soil looks moist, I probably have set some seeds in the area.

The picture above is the east side of the building looking north. The blue shading is my proposed dry creek area. One of my endeavors is to get all the gravel from this planting area into the "creek". For now, I have seeded to the right of the creek giving folks room to play along the pathway.

I will not be disappointed if there is not a spectacular show (or any show) as I did use some older seeds. It is a start. Baby steps. Good things will be happening soon.


  1. I am sure you have loads of plans and your dry creek bed will be a fun project. I can not wait to see it grow and develop.

  2. Oh I am really looking forward to seeing the seeds come up. I love a dry creek bed. I um, borrow rocks from streams and put them in my knapsack... sometimes.

  3. We made a dry creek bed from the bazillion rocks in our landscape. Love it. You're smart to start with a plan, and then to work your plan step by step. I've learned that I'm never really finished as I keep coming up with new ideas. But that's ok, its the nature of gardening. I will enjoy watching you work your plan.