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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bolting is Beautiful

This guy escaped my "bag bed" and grew in the rough ground below. I have been tending to the "summer" crops and left him to grow between the rows.

Working in the garden this morning I am greeted with a beautiful bloom. Who knew escarole was so pretty? Looks like I will have more blooms in the future.

Yes, he gets to stay.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This public art project is more of a site for "Ten on Tuesday" (pick up 10 pieces of trash) than art. 

So the installation on the brown wall in the background is good.  But mardi gras beads in one of the few trees we have in the neighborhood? 


 Items to entangle and harm birds. 

 Plastic drink bottles installed in the tree. Nice.

 Wonder how long this temporary art project will last.

 Wonder who will pick up all this "art" after the winds blow it to bits?

"Gobsmacked: A Near Southside Public Art Initiative" happened at our corner yesterday.

Poor use of leadership, no thought to environmental impact, poor use of the little public art funding FW has. Yeah, I am Gobsmacked... (meet here next Tuesday)  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Welcome Fort Worth!

Well, maybe not all of Fort Worth.  It just feels like all of Fort Worth will be here.  Explanation? 

March 27th, I received the email from my neighbor that his loft apartment will be part of the 2014 FW AIA (American Institute of Architects) Home Tour April 26th and 27th.  Yicks! Four weeks.

Nice article in our local glossy magazine:  Skip on over to page 86 for all the details for our location.

I especially liked this paragraph in the article:  No pressure

(No, my husband has not been demoted to working at a nursery. I am certain that part was lost in translation.  My husband helps transform the gardens out of the love of working in a yard.)

 This was June 2013

This has been one of those winters you have your fingers crossed that things will return from their roots.  Most everything in the loft garden was looking pretty dead.  All I could do was determine what I absolutely knew was dead and replace it with something big and colorful for the tour. (Many of the perennials are just barely peeking out today.)

This evening...

It was a bit of work getting it all whipped into shape and I am now calling it "done".  (If I go outside, I am certain there will be something I must fix.)  Now, off to make a proper dinner and early to bed for once in a month... not before Mr. FW Dirt takes some photos this evening.  I promise to share the "before" and "afters".