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Friday, April 18, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

The little dove has returned and our neighbor says there are 2 little eggs.  At least this year the mulberry tree has more leaves to keep the dove family protected from the weather.  (Rumor has it the temps will be in the 90's next week.)

Hope you are enjoying the weather where you are.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Four Visitors We Did Not Expect

Fort Worth is a happening place these days. This weekend we are celebrating our first FW Food & Wine Festival; Fort Works Arts & Music is a mere block away.  ESPN is on their way to set up in our newly renovated Sundance Square and Duck Commander will be here for our big Nascar weekend. UPDATE: The Cheeseheads are coming... (Western Regional Finalists - one of the Final Four)

Then, there are these four seen in the green space next door.  Mr. FW Dirt and I saw some wild turkeys in "town" recently on University under IH 30.  Possibly the same flock or possibly a bit of the country is invading our fair city. Hope these visitors stick around for a while.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

On a Cold Winter Day

Two lovely 80 degree days lead up to a day of wind and sleet whipping out of the North.  Ugh.

What to do?  Go to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and take photos. 

(yeah, it's about 28 degrees at this moment. I know, I have lost my mind...)

  Beautiful.  Most of these blooms will be gone tomorrow.  

The reason for my madness.  Fort Worth Orchid Society Sale! (I know nothing about orchids.  I have 2 that I rescued from the sun at a big box store last year that are still alive and growing - not blooming, just growing. I believe this is a good sign...)

(tell me, look closely.  do you see a little warrior face with a sword across his back?)

(another little face with some large lower fangs?... it could be the cold has frozen my brain cells.)

Live in Fort Worth and want to know more about growing orchids?  FW Orchid Society meets the 1st Monday at 7 pm in the Garden Center Building (not the Garden Club building).  Tomorrow's program (3/3/14) will be Growing Orchids 101.  Count me in!

AND down the hall to the conservatory is "Butterflies in the Garden" now through April 6th.

Yellow-edged Giant Owl

Blue Morpho  (in a ginormous Chenille tree)

Painted Kite

I recommend a brighter if not sunnier day.  There was no flitting or basking to be done today.  However, we did get to see some awesome butterflies up close.

Hope you had a colorful winter day wherever you are!